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Looked around at this time, hooking up a handsome boy, like were more interested in to her, though punctuated by what she said was dumbfounded, but it also reminded men desire to conquer the feeling heart to some women. Lu Yunqing jiao smiled and looked at the sight of this silly a few waiter, as if not flirt his mind again, suddenly stop laughing expression formally asked Coach, I am looking for the factory, do you know where he is.

In a flash, just expression also stay leng matchless waiter, suddenly the horror, the face like the face, change color. Who want to seek you, you said. Answer he is a sweet and very loud, more sharp, thin voice, I said I'm looking for Coach factory, is that the gates of righteousness boss Coach factory outlet online sale, did you listen to clear, here is his cover of the venue, please tell me where is the, such as the sister might allow you to do a good dream oh. Originally was coming to hooking up elegant handsome, after hearing Coach factory after these three words, suddenly becomes angry, instantly stopped. Tuen mun now probably someone don't know the name of the tuen mun district chief, but never may not know Coach factory this name, just a few months time, the name like spell over countless Hong Kong part of the head. Potential sweep of the tuen mun and all the forces of the thunder, chuan (black and white and double evil spirit in the middle of the night two killer. War fire gun killed the king Feng Gang ice palm, trapped in ambush halfway bloody slaughter of one hundred people.

Although have a little, but the main story is enough to make a lot of people. But in the eyes of ordinary people, but he is an excellent man, cancelled many shop protection of vendor or business is not good for turf lonely old man whenever festivals, will be sent to the red envelopes, are not allowed to collect all the students do a, even if some must also be skimmed before relationship, make a lot of school is a lot less underworld. What are you doing looking for him! You know what he is doing! Open the gates of righteousness, but also will not meet with you. The waiter is strong said to calm down.